The GYROTONIC Method is an inspiring and original approach to exercise that offers a multitude of non-impact exercises designed to improve muscle endurance, flexibility & strength.

The GYROTONIC method is a one stop shop for:

  • Enhancing joint health & range of motion
  • Improving core strength
  • Reducing aches & pains
  • Boosting muscle strength & endurance
  • Enhancing movement efficiency
  • Increasing bone density
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Improving balance & flexibility

Convergence6-15139The GYROTONIC Method is superior to many other strength & conditioning programs because it emphasizes fluid circular motions that allow the joints, torso and limbs to move through their entire range of motion. Specialized equipment challenges participants by means of weights, pulleys, springs and friction. A one-of-a-kind handle unit system encourages the unwinding of stiff shoulders, necks and backs. Students learn to move from their center, resulting in continued activation of the body’s core muscles. Coordinated breathing patterns cultivate mental focus and relaxation. Practice of GYROTONIC exercises creates lasting improvements in overall fitness and health for individuals of all ability levels and ages.

Juliu Horvath, a former professional dancer, developed the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® over the course of 30 years; it includes the GYROTONIC Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method. The system initially evolved through his efforts to heal from injuries incurred during his dancing career. Horvath is still teaching and improving the system; he has worked closely with Master Trainers through many years, and continues to do so. Today, more than 160 Master Trainers are responsible for the initial and ongoing instruction of all Certified Instructors. In this way, the consistency and integrity of GYROTONIC Method teaching is upheld. There are now more than 7,800 Certified Instructors teaching in over 50 countries. This growth demonstrates the adaptability and popularity of these movement systems. View an excellent video and learn more at

The Exercise Wise studio features five pieces of GYROTONIC equipment including:

  • Two Pulley Towers
  • Two Jumping Stretching Boards
  • One Leg Extension Unit