What people are saying…

“Having experienced plentitudes of exercise approaches I can honestly say after my first GYROTONIC® session I feel as though my body was held in an unconscious prison and is finally savoring the tastes of liberation. It’s like moving from the inside out, as opposed to the usual exercise approach of outside in! Once begun, who knows where it will lead… and endless unraveling of compensatory patterns… priceless.”


“The GYROTONIC® Method works with the deepest attachments of muscle fibers and boney structures to unfurl the body in the most respectful manner, allowing breath and spaces between the tissues to come alive. Heidi’s technique and conscientious approach is superb. The integrity of Heidi’s guidance is optimal.”


“I really enjoy taking GYROTONIC® lessons with Heidi as I find the GYROTONIC method unique but most importantly relaxing after a long stressful day.  My core is stronger and my spirits are lifted at the same time.  I appreciate Heidi’s wealth of knowledge, and her care and patience.  I find myself arching and curling on my chair at home all the time and so my spine is saying thank you :)”


“Heidi is a fabulous personal trainer! A friend referred me to her and she has exceeded my expectations. Heidi is a true expert. I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about trying a new workout. Every session is different and is designed for the individual. When she is working with you she is there 100%–no taking phone calls or checking text messages.

I needed help with my posture and had tried to go it on my own with no improvement. With Heidi’s instruction my posture is so much better that friends have commented on it. She even designed a routine for me to use at home to continue my progress. I have so much more energy now

She is so enthusiastic to work with and never pushes you so hard that you don’t want to come back. I consider myself lucky to have found Heidi—she is such an inspiration and I feel great!”


“Heidi is very professional and passionate about her practice and helping others. She teaches Yoga and Gyrotonic. I highly recommend her.”


“Heidi is the best trainer that anyone could have! I have learned so much from her and I am so thankful that she came into my life. When I started, I was 155 pounds and gaining. I was flabby, out of shape, and miserable. She was patient, understanding, and a great listener. She prescribed an exercise regimen for me that I was reluctant to adopt, but she stayed with me, encouraging, correcting, empowering, and igniting. I have dropped to 140 lbs and continue to stay there. I did not think it was possible. But I now have a new goal to move to 135 lbs and am confident that I will get there. Heidi has been the inspiration for my success! I have moved from a totally out of shape 60 year-old woman to a vibrant, striving to be in shape 61 year old, who is 15 lbs lighter, running 3 miles per day 4-5 times per week and loving the fitness routine that has become a daily part of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Heidi, you are the best trainer that anyone could have. I particularly appreciated your ability to listen and your gentle, but consistent correction of form. You know how to inspire, how to process client rationalization, and how to get to the heart of the matter, which is, bottom line, you either want to or you don’t.”


“I have Fibromyalgia, so movement is somewhat difficult and most often painful when taking an exercise class. I attended Heidi’s yoga class at Exercise Wise, and was instantaneously transformed!
Heidi’s expertise is unparalleled as she works one on one with her students to help them achieve their goals. By the end of 6 weeks, I was stretching into yoga positions with ease. My daily practice has relieved most of my pain and movement, with range, has improved beyond my expectations. Heidi has changed my life!”


“What I love about Gyrotonic is that it complements my weight training regimen so well. It offers a low impact, 360 degree workout that has improved my flexibility and helps me access muscles that I otherwise wouldn’t through traditional resistance training. Heidi is highly knowledgeable about the body, sharing deep expertise and guidance to help us understand how our body works and how the practice of Gyrotonic supports overall health and wellness.”