Corrective Exercise

The BioMechanics Method

The BioMechanics Method is a revolutionary approach to chronic pain relief. The Method first uses a biomechanically-based assessment process to identify poor postural alignment and body mechanics which negatively affect muscles and soft tissue structures. The results of the assessment are then used to design a custom self-massage, stretching, and corrective exercise program to retrain your body to eliminate pain, increase range of motion, maintain correct alignment, and develop proper movement mechanics.

To begin, I will assess your structure through questions and a visual / physical assessment. The results of your structural assessment will inform the selection of exercises that are purposefully designed to alleviate your specific chronic pain issues. I will teach you self-myofascial release techniques, stretches, and exercises. All of these can be carried out at your home with inexpensive equipment such as tennis balls, foam rollers, exercise bands, and exercise balls. Your commitment to carrying out your program will help you successfully eliminate back, neck, shoulder, knee, foot, ankle and joint pain.

Every aspect of your BioMechanics Method program will be taught in a step-by-step manner to ensure that you are comfortable and familiar with what you will need to do at each stage of the process. Choosing to use The BioMechanics Method will give you the tools to dramatically improve your quality of life and to realize your ultimate dream of living an active life without pain.