Healthy Bodies



Congratulations on choosing the body I want, too.

Natural, supple, strong, flexible, powerful and beautiful.
Like an elegant, wild animal, free and healthy.

My name is Heidi Johnson. I teach the GYROTONIC® Method.

The GYROTONIC® Method is a unique approach to exercise emphasizing fluid, circular, full range of motion exercises. Explore new possibilities as you strengthen and stretch your body in every direction as you decompress and align your joints through non-impact exercises. Work out with exquisite equipment calibrated to provide the resistance needed for your body. Feel your shoulders, neck, and back unwind using the one-of-a-kind handle unit system.


The world may be in a temporary craze of dense, tightly-packed, unnatural muscle fashion, but for those of you who value Nature’s healthy ways, I’m here to teach and guide a very select number of students in this truly amazing system.

Email me and let’s talk about your path towards the healthy grace of a beautiful, naturally-powerful body.

Hey there B types… Say hello!