Winter 2017 Yoga Class at Olivette Community Center

yogaWant to feel great this fall? Get a head start on your 2017 fitness and health resolutions. Join me in a yoga class at the Olivette Community Center. I would love to teach you, your friends, and your relatives. Prices are reasonable and you do not have to live in Olivette to participate. The Community Center is located at 9723 Grandview Drive, Olivette, MO 63132 (near the intersection of Olive and Warson Road). To register, visit, or call the Community Center at (314) 991-1249. Please call me at (314) 960-6098 if you need help registering, or would like more information.

Yours in health,


Class description

Yoga for Beginners: TBD

Students will be introduced to the foundational poses of yoga in a supportive environment. You will learn to carry out movements and postures safely, to ensure strength and flexibility development without injury or undue physical stress. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to begin yoga; come give it a try and discover what all of the excitement is about.